Ogham Celtic Script

It may seem a little strange that boobookachoo would be interested in this ancient script, however this numeric language has inspired some interesting thoughts and some very cool design outcomes. Ogham dot script

The alphabet (shown above) uses a sort of tally system to depict each letter. The most interesting thing about this system (we think) is the fact that this alphabet uses numeracy to depict sounds and ultimatly words. This is system could be compared to the way in which digital signals use 1’s and 0’s to create things such as radio broadcasts and TV images. The Ogham alphabet is thought to translate sounds into the simplest form of communication… numbers!Ogham Celtic script design

Ogham Celtic clothing

We will be uploading some more of our research and links to sites published who obviously know more on the subject. Check out the mens tees, which use these abstract celtic shapes to create some very cool designs. The t-shirts Spell out ‘Beth Luis Nion’ which was the original name of the alphabet.



2 thoughts on “Ogham Celtic Script

  1. awsome tees i realy like the Ogham!!

  2. awesome tees/ do you do any women”s tees like this? I came to your site through my interest in ogham.

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